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[PTS] Adv. BB: Dance! (Feat. RaindropLily)
Cerise was definitely excited when she saw that there was a dance company that opening its rehearsals to the public. Naturally, she had an affinity for the arts, and dance was included! She was open to doing some dancing herself, if they let her. When she entered the dance studio, it was with Raine the Espurr and Simon the Taillow in tow. Raine came along because he was Cerise’s partner that came along with her everywhere, and Simon came along because birds and dancing made sense to her on some level. Either way, she thought that the duo would be good partners to have in a dance studio.
With Raine and Simon behind her, Cerise practically skipped into the dance studio, and was standing around trying to figure out where the dancers were. She was taking a moment to steady herself, however; she needed to have poise around others who were poised.
Small footsteps ran in the direction of the trainer and her two pokemon, and appearing down at her feet was a small elephant pokemon, waving
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[PTS] Adv. BB: Tea Tasting (Feat. ScorchedPoet)
Beau didn’t really consider himself much of a tea person. It all tasted like scented hot water to him, but he was also pretty sure that he was preparing the tea wrong. Something about steeping for too long? In any case, when he saw that someone had posted a notice on the bulletin board asking for some new blends to be taste tested, he thought he would give it a go. Maybe, if he was lucky, he’d find tea that actually had a flavor. Cerise was generally in favor of tea (or at least, she acted like she was), so it would be nice if he could go back and tell her that hey, he’d actually found tea that he liked.
Beau stepped into the tea tasting room with Cherry the Darumaka and Riley the Marill, noticing that the seat across from his was empty. He wondered who else would be attending the tasting, and if they knew what exactly they’d be tasting for, so to speak. He was feeling a little out of his depth.
Teddy tended to find himself in the strangest of places during his
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Kamitsune- Melenas by Sami-Fire Kamitsune- Melenas :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 7 10 Possible Cosplay Design? by Sami-Fire Possible Cosplay Design? :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 0 3
[PTS] BB: Unfreeze!
Someone… had frozen the daycare?
What did that even mean? Obviously, it was bad news, but how did someone freeze the entire daycare? Was the building suspended in a block of ice? Was it just snowing inside the building? What did it mean?!
In any case, Beau decided to help the poor requester before his bOSS DestROyed him or something. That guy probably deserved a little destroying depending on the extent of the damage, but regardless of the requester’s fate, the daycare needed to be put back in working order. Fire Pokemon were more Cerise’s jam, but Beau did have two fire-using partners that would be willing to help out. Grabbing Cherry and Lemon’s Pokeballs, he headed out to the daycare. (It occurred to him that both his Fire types had fruit names. That was funny.)
When he got there, the building was not entirely encased in ice, which was a relief. It seemed to mostly be chunks of snow and ice encroaching on large areas of the daycare. That could be managed, pro
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[PTS] BB: Get Fancy! by Sami-Fire [PTS] BB: Get Fancy! :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 4 1 [PTS] Ivywood Radio: The First Sounds in Space by Sami-Fire [PTS] Ivywood Radio: The First Sounds in Space :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 1 [PTS] Ivywood Radio: Put It On My Tab by Sami-Fire [PTS] Ivywood Radio: Put It On My Tab :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 1 [PTS] Ivywood Radio: Serenity by Sami-Fire [PTS] Ivywood Radio: Serenity :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 4 1 [PTS] BB: Fire Safety (Supposedly) by Sami-Fire [PTS] BB: Fire Safety (Supposedly) :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 1 Moon-Alikes: Royal and Ember by Sami-Fire Moon-Alikes: Royal and Ember :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 0
[PTS] Ren Faire: Clash of Wills
When Cerise was approached by the green-haired boy in the oversized armor, she didn’t quite know what to expect. She got the hint very quickly, though: there was a Honedge advancing on the boy faster than anyone would think a floating sword could do. While she initially wanted to ask what this guy had done to get that Honedge that irate at him, pacifying the Honedge was more important. Questions could come later.
She reached into her bag and rifled around for a certain Pokemon’s Pokeball. She pulled it out and tossed it to the ground, releasing the Tepig inside: Apollo. Apollo lifted one of his forelegs and gave a surprisingly loud “Te!”, pointing at nothing in particular. “Apollo, look out!” Cerise called out, and with a startled squeal, Apollo rolled to the side, narrowly dodging the Honedge as it thrust itself into the ground. This Honedge clearly meant business and was intent on taking out its rage, frustration, or something on someone.
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[PTS] Ren Faire: Arts and Drafts
Cerise had left Beau at the turkey leg-eating contest, on a hunch that he would be there for quite a while. Going to the Ren Faire had almost completely been her idea, though food was as good a bribe as any for Beau. Cerise knew that he had a tendency to flip-flop from being shy about his eating habits to diving headfirst into eating contests (and winning), and she was glad that he was feeling a bit more outgoing this time around.
That aside, Cerise didn’t mind the opportunity to explore by herself. It wasn’t that Beau was a drag or anything, but a kernel of independence was important alongside the closeness. If they couldn’t handle themselves, they probably couldn’t handle each other. As Cerise mulled over where her next destination in the fair would be, she suddenly felt herself being yanked to the side. When she regained her bearings, a blue-haired girl had dragged her to the arts and crafts station and was going on about needing to make crowns. Cerise was al
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[PTS] Ren Faire: All-Devouring Maw by Sami-Fire [PTS] Ren Faire: All-Devouring Maw :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 2 1 [RQ] Reliqual Mascot: Sho by Sami-Fire [RQ] Reliqual Mascot: Sho :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 3 0 [RQ] Reliqual Mascot: Zelia by Sami-Fire [RQ] Reliqual Mascot: Zelia :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 2 1


Custom Character (Sami-Fire) by 96-Adopts Custom Character (Sami-Fire) :icon96-adopts:96-Adopts 14 0 P2U Base 6 pack by Kariosa-Adopts P2U Base 6 pack :iconkariosa-adopts:Kariosa-Adopts 909 104
They are priced according to how long they take me, and amount of people who ask me for one <3
If you have any complaints, keep em to yourself ;) (Wink)
If you are low on money, we can talk about weekly or bi weekly payment plans
Canon characters get 10% off each character. ex: sonic, silver, naruto etc..
This is my full time job.
So please be sure to read thoroughly before ordering.
I ACCEPT PAYPAL AND POINTS (paypal preferred)
Bullet; Blue I CAN DO Bullet; Blue
- Anime
- Anthro/Sonic
- Extreme light mechas
- Feel free to ask
- Gory-ish
- Pokemon
- Oc's
- Is able to do sexual/sex scenes etc..
- Fetish stuff like.. Bondage.. but fetish stuff will have a 20% charge fe
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PPCom - OC Cor Caroli by Venera-Taro PPCom - OC Cor Caroli :iconvenera-taro:Venera-Taro 13 2 Tip Stream #26 by Lunathyst Tip Stream #26 :iconlunathyst:Lunathyst 61 2 [The Cauldron] Tsukuyomi (Deity)- Stage 1 by furesiya [The Cauldron] Tsukuyomi (Deity)- Stage 1 :iconfuresiya:furesiya 12 7 558 by DextrolumaMasterlist 558 :icondextrolumamasterlist:DextrolumaMasterlist 3 2
333,333 PV Watcher Appreciation Unicorn Raffle WIN

:new: Thank you so much to all my watchers, and to everyone who entered! The winner of this Unicorn, as selected via iiiiiisssss...

Congratulations to Sketching-Panda-Ren I'll note you the files for your cutie! :heart:
Sometimes it's fun to celebrate milestones and I noticed yesterday I was almost at 333,333 page views so and decided to celebrate by giving away one of my Unicorn Adopts. Thank you to everyone who has been amazing and supported me; from a kind word to commissioning me/becoming a Patron, from my long time watchers to those who have just started watching, it means the world to me Heart Now, let's meet a pretty unicorn adopt who needs a loving new home! She's a mini unicorn (you can of course draw her small or full size, it's up to you if you win her!)
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NSG - Chibi Female Hair by nads6969 NSG - Chibi Female Hair :iconnads6969:nads6969 46 12 NSG - Chibi Male Clothing by nads6969 NSG - Chibi Male Clothing :iconnads6969:nads6969 40 11 NSG - Chibi Clothing by nads6969 NSG - Chibi Clothing :iconnads6969:nads6969 45 37 PPCom - Sailor Megrez - Luca Krantz  by Venera-Taro PPCom - Sailor Megrez - Luca Krantz :iconvenera-taro:Venera-Taro 26 5 Sprite Set - Rianna by miririri Sprite Set - Rianna :iconmiririri:miririri 13 2 [CLOSED 2/2] Magical adopts by Teru-Pion [CLOSED 2/2] Magical adopts :iconteru-pion:Teru-Pion 6 2


Cerise was definitely excited when she saw that there was a dance company that opening its rehearsals to the public. Naturally, she had an affinity for the arts, and dance was included! She was open to doing some dancing herself, if they let her. When she entered the dance studio, it was with Raine the Espurr and Simon the Taillow in tow. Raine came along because he was Cerise’s partner that came along with her everywhere, and Simon came along because birds and dancing made sense to her on some level. Either way, she thought that the duo would be good partners to have in a dance studio.

With Raine and Simon behind her, Cerise practically skipped into the dance studio, and was standing around trying to figure out where the dancers were. She was taking a moment to steady herself, however; she needed to have poise around others who were poised.

Small footsteps ran in the direction of the trainer and her two pokemon, and appearing down at her feet was a small elephant pokemon, waving his trunk in greeting. He stood on his hind legs a huge smile on his face, ears flapping up and down as he seemed to introduce himself before circling around them. A small laugh was heard as a trainer quickly ran over to them following the little pokemon.

“Hello,” she greeted with a kind smile as she leaned down to pick up the pokemon. “I must apologize for Stunt he loves meeting new people,” she giggled, “I’m Kathrine, but you can call me Kat, and you’ve already met my partner Stunt. Are you here for the rehearsals as well?”

Cerise giggled good-naturedly back at Kat. “Don’t apologize! It’s always nice to meet a new face. I’m Cerise, the Espurr is Raine, and the Taillow is Simon.” Raine did his usual vaguely creepy Espurr stare at the other duo, then waved his little paw in greeting. Simon gave a haughty and gruff “Tai” and fluffed his feathers a bit. “They’re good boys, even if they’re a bit, you know, weird.” Simon ignored the statement, but Raine turned to stare at Cerise. Cerise just smiled and scooped up the Espurr, mirroring Kat in a way. Simon hopped around a little, pecking at a speck of dust.

“That’s right. I’m here for the rehearsals, too. Do you know where the rehearsal room is?” Cerise began to look around. “I hope I didn’t just miss it.” It happened sometimes, but if the signs were right there, she was going to feel silly.

“Pokemon do have their own way, weird or not it's what makes them who they are,” Kat laughed. “Stunt wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t run off to greet every new person.” She shifted the Phanpy in her arms a little to have a better grip on him before patted his head.

Kat gave another grin at the question. “We were actually about to walk into the room before you came in and Stunt wanted to say hello,” she explained. The little pokemon gave another wide smile with a flap of his ears. “Its right down this way,” she directed, motioning a little further down the building. Stunt jumped out of Kat’s arms landing on the floor in front of them before leading the way with a jump in his walk. “Phanpy!” He said before pointing to the door as they approached.

“That’s very true,” Cerise said, nodding. “Simon makes a big show of being gruff and powerful, but he’s a good bird underneath it all. Raine might have that Espurr stare going on, but he’s very supportive when he does things, so! You know you can’t judge books by their covers.” When Kat directed her towards where the rehearsal room was, she was a bit relieved. “Oh, so I didn’t manage to miss it! Good! Shall we go check it out?” Even as she asked, she was already heading for the door to the room. Stopping at the corner, she took a peek. “Wow! They’re just warming up right now, but I bet they’ve got something awesome planned for the show.”

Raine began to wriggle a bit in Cerise’s hold, prompting her to put him down, at which point he began to stare into the room. “Raine, I know staring is kind of your thing, but try to watch all the dancers and not just the closest one, okay?” Raine didn’t respond, even as Simon hopped over to get a closer look.

Kat chuckled as Stunt walked into the room watching the rehearsal himself. He tilted his head at the different performers then looked back to his trainer. “You can get a closer look, just don’t get underfoot, we don’t want to cause too much of a distraction,” Kat said before crossing her arms over her chest. “Phanpy phan!” Stunt replied before running over and stood along the edge of the performers watching them intently as they danced. He then started moving himself to the beat of the music coming up with his own dance routine.

Kat gave a laugh muffling it with a hand placed over her mouth. “He really enjoys being a part of the crowd,” she said, “Plus at home there are times where we’ll dance together, I guess he just wants to show those moves off himself to others.” Kat gave a guess as she kept a close eye on her pokemon before turning her attention back to Cerise. “I was hoping to come and pick up a thing or two from the dance routine, what about yourself?” she asked.

“He’s got an awfully good sense of rhythm!” Cerise chirped, watching the little Phanpy move to the beat. “It’s nice to see such an outgoing Pokemon. These two, they have their moments, but they’re more watchers than doers, if that makes sense.” Simon had hopped a bit closer to the dancers and was watching them with interest, but showed no sign of joining in or otherwise being frivolous. Raine did the same, but he alternated between staring at Stunt and staring at the dancers. He seemed more contemplative than usual, somehow, but it could be hard to read an Espurr any day.

“Yeah, I wanted to see if I could learn a thing or two, too,” Cerise said in response to Kat’s inquiry. “Dancing is really good exercise, so I thought maybe I could start doing that to keep in shape. Maybe try and drag my boyfriend in, too?” Despite herself, she giggled. “I can just imagine how nervous he’d be about it. He gets shy about any kind of physical activity, even if it’s just in the house. But that’s okay. He’s cute when he’s nervous.”

“Oh yeah, I completely understand,” Kat laughed a little watching the trio of pokemon. “Stunt sure keeps me on my toes, but I don’t mind, outgoing pokemon are for me,” she added, “He may be my only one so far, but I’m hoping other pokemon I get are just as active too, I enjoy getting out there myself. That is also a reason why I’m here.”

Kat got quiet as she heard Cerise’s explanation and she gave a giggle. “It’ll be a good way to keep in shape yeah,” she agreed. “If you would like I can help you through some exercises I go through, warm ups mostly, it’s smart to do before you try anything, it allows you to warm up your body before anything, warming up keeps you from getting injured, even something like dancing may lead to it. I do hope you manage to convince your boyfriend to join you,” she finished off with a smile. “We can go ahead and warm up then we can try and mimic the performers, does that sound okay?”

“Yeah, that sounds great!” Cerise agreed, but then suddenly she was hesitant. “Actually, could you show me some of your warmups? I’ve… kind of fallen behind on my stretches and stuff. I’m not sure where to start.” It was a bit embarrassing to admit, since she used to be more active, and it was leading her to wonder if Beau’s couch potato tendencies were contagious. Actually, when she thought about it, Beau was getting up and going out and about more often, while she was at home with her Pokemon. That idea was a little strange to come to terms with.

Meanwhile, over near the set of Pokemon, Raine’s attention had fixed itself on one of the dancers, who didn’t seem to have noticed the staring Espurr just yet. He began to wave his arms a little, mimicking her motions the best he could with stubby Espurr paws. Simon, meanwhile, finally seemed to have shaken some of his strange pretensions off and was tilting his head to the beat of the music. Nothing too big or flashy, but it seemed that he’d found his groove.

Kat smiled, “Of course, since its just a small session I usually start warm ups for dancing with jumping jacks followed by jogging or marching in place for a few minutes.” Kat motioned for her to follow to a corner of the room so they had their own place and plenty of room out of the way of the performers and others that were their observing or doing as they were doing and wanting to pick up a thing or two in dancing. Once in the corner Kat looked back at their pokemon smiling at how the other two were getting into it. She untied the jacket at her waist before setting it on a chair followed by the drawstring bag that rested on her back. She adjusted her hair a bit before looking to Cerise. “Is there one you wanted to start with? We just have to do it for a few minutes then we can get some stretching in then try and move in sync with the dancers,” Kat offered.

Stunt was soon watching the two new pokemon and he flapped his ears in response. He moved himself over to Simon sharing his own dancing with the smaller bird. He didn’t mind showing off a little bit to what he considered a new “friend.” “Phan phanpy!” He said happily holding his trunk up as he swapped between standing on his hind legs and all fours to follow the groove and he tried to mimic a dancer closer to him, almost failing to mimic it completely but he made do being on four legs by improvising.

“Maybe we should start with the marching? Start slow, and get moving from there,” Cerise answered. “Jumping jacks last. Those take a lot of effort, you know?” She grinned. Beau was rubbing off on her. Was that a problem? The jury was out. “Is there a specific way you do it, or is it just… marching in place? Like this?” She began to march, maybe lifting her legs a little exaggeratedly. “Or is this too much?” Warmups were serious business indeed. Wouldn’t want to stretch wrong and pull something, right? If that was even how it worked.

At first, Simon ignored Stunt, but upon seeing the Phanpy’s sweet moves, he seemed to give a small bird nod of approval. “Low,” he tweeted back, watching the little elephant go. Meanwhile, behind Stunt, Raine was starting to creep closer and closer, apparently curious about the Phanpy’s dance. Any closer, he might just bump into Stunt… or get bumped into.

“No that’s perfect,” Kat encouraged. She mimicked in a way for a good minute or two before slowly she migrated to jogging in place, one she was use to from doing her morning jog and run. She moved at a tempo she was use to getting her body use to getting into workout mode like she had done many times. She kept the pace for another couple minutes before shifting over to jumping jacks with ease. Throughout these few minutes she looked to Cercise just checking to be sure she wasn’t going too fast for her, this was something she was use to on a daily basis and she didn’t want to get too far ahead of her new friend.

Stunt did a quick twirl, his trunk being what was needed to accidentally hit the unexpected Espurr right behind him. When he hit Raine, the Phanpy froze in his tracks, it wasn’t too hard but it still bumped into them. “Phanpy phan!” He said apologetically, stopping in the middle of his dance routine to check and be sure he didn’t harm Raine.

Cerise kept her eye on Kat too, and when Kat shifted to jogging in place, she did so as well. Was it normal to feel the burn already? Geez, she really needed to get back in the swing of things. She increased her pace in line with her new friend, only to realize that said new friend was capable of going a lot faster than her, even when just warming up. “Whoa, slow down a bit! I don’t think my legs can move that fast!” She was grinning as she said it, though; she didn’t feel put out by Kat being more athletic than she was.

Over by the Pokemon, Raine was only mildly jarred by the trump bonk. The Espurr dusted himself off and gave a single “Purr” to let Stunt know that he was fine. He did, however, keep staring at the Phanpy to see if he would continue his dance. There was a lot for a wide-eyed Espurr to get an eyeful of here, and he really did want to see a little of everything.

Kat responded in a small laugh as she slowed down a little more. “Sorry, I’m use to doing warm-ups usually that I get ahead of myself,” she explained. As soon as they finished the she stretched her legs a little bit of side lunges holding them for at least 20 seconds followed by stretching her arms. She looked back to Cerise with a smile, “You ready to get started?” she asked with a tilt of her head.

Stunt blinked tilting his head before returning with a grin. “Phan phan!” he said happily his ears flapping again. He then swiftly went back to doing his own dance routine following the performers once again, gladly showing the fellow pokemon his moves.

Cerise did not want to admit to herself that she was having trouble keeping up. It was embarrassing, frankly, and she wasn’t going to tell Beau about it. At least she could still open her own pickle jars? Stopping to catch her breath, she tries to keep her head up as she replied, “Yep! Let’s get started!”

As the duo followed the dancers’ moves, Raine and Simon seemed to get more into the rhythm too (Raine more than Simon, waggling his stumpy Espurr limbs the best he could), and for a moment Cerise had fantasies of forming a little dance or performance troupe with Kat and the Pokemon. Eventually, everything wound down, and the dancers began to close up for the day.

Slightly out of breath, Cerise grinned broadly as everything came to a close. “Well! That was fun. It was better when the music picked up. I was able to really get into it! How about you?”

Kat let out a laugh. “Yeah I was! The music was the perfect tempo!” she grinned brightly before chugging down a drink from her water bottle and she looked back to Cerise. “It was really nice to run into you today! Stunt and I had a great time than we would’ve if we continued on our own!” she smiled gently. “It was really fun following the moves and trying to keep up with the performers, I’m happy they opened rehearsals to the public!” She grinned before they were about to walk out. “I do hope we run into each other more around Ivywood,” Kat turned in her direction holding out a hand. “It was really nice to meet you.”

“Phanpy!” Stunt jumped up between the trainers his ears flapping as he did a quick twirl while he walked next to Raine before he stopped next to his trainer mimicking her once again and holding out his trunk to him. “Phan phan!”

“I totally agree!” Cerise chirped. “It was great meeting you, too. I’ll keep an eye out for you around town!” She returned the handshake with a good solid grip.

Over by the Pokemon, Raine stared at Stunt for a moment before gently patting his trunk. “Purr,” he said. That would do for a handshake, probably. Next to him, Simon seemed to give a slight birdie bow. “Tail-low.”

“Simon, Raine, time to go!” Cerise called over to her Pokemon, and they came to her. “All right, I’m heading out. If there’s anywhere in particular you like to hang out, tell me and I’ll look for you!”

“Yeah of course! I’ll be sure to let you know!” Kat said, she gave a quick wave as Stunt came over to her side. “Bye, Cerise!” she draped her jacket over her shoulder before she walked off in the opposite direction heading home, a smile on her lips grateful she was able to make a new friend during this.
[PTS] Adv. BB: Dance! (Feat. RaindropLily)
Client: Professional Dancer Maia
Location: Dance Studio
Eligible Jobs: All Jobs +1
Reward: Pidove
Requirement: RP with your partner about your trainer and one of their Pokemon joining the dance company in their rehearsal for an upcoming performance.
Expiry Date: June 12th at 11:59 PM EST
Random Number (1-100): 55
Character doing Cerise Melchart

"Feel free to join us during rehearsal! Who knows, you may learn something, or get a sneak peek at the show!"

Trainer Apps:
Cerise Melchart: + Kathrine Drask:
Your Pokemon: Espurr, Taillow

Guest Pokemon: Phanpy

Subject: Bulletin Board
Word Count: 
Items used: N/A


Advanced BB RP, featuring RaindropLily!
The ONE friggin' time I go window shopping for furry art, I realize that I have no idea what I'm doing or who to look for. XwX I'm throwing my GoFundMe down again. My bank accounts have suddenly both disappeared, with the exception of one on a prepaid card, so... that's what I have to use. GoFundMe does NOT send to PayPal, which is another heap of problems. Please help me if you can; I'm trying to do my best, but it's not enough. (And if you'd rather send the donation through PayPal than GoFundMe, please let me know!)
Uh, if I paid you for a comm and the money suddenly poofed, please let me know, okay? Something WEIRD is happening with my bank accounts, and I'm trying to get this sorted before any more explosions happen. I'm sorry for the mess, I swear I'm not one of those chargeback folks! Ugggggh.… Signal boosting my music comms again. Need money in my PayPal specifically due to shenanigans (because nothing in my life ever goes simply X_X). Buy a bundle or signal boost, please? T_T


United States
Howdy! I'm just someone puttering around DA with sailor senshi, character designs, writing, and the occasional adoptable.

Right here is my current commissions journal!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hi, folks. So, I'm having trouble connecting with my two oldest Kamitsunes, Corrinne and Rocco. After talking with Cake, I have received permission to resell them for the price they were bought at (I'll screenshot my proof if need be!). As bad as I feel about it, my muse for the two of them just totally died, so I'm hoping they can find homes with someone(s) who can give them the love they deserve. T_T In any case, onto the floofs...

Kamitsune Adopt #7 - CLOSED by TsuzukikunThis is Corrinne. She was bought for $30. SOLD to DarkfireVengeance!

Kamitsune Adopts #18 - #20 - CLOSED by TsuzukikunRocco is the red one on the left here. He was AB'd at $42.

Due to my general situation, offers to buy through PayPal will be prioritized, however, I may accept offers of art or other characters if they're super good and in line with whatever I'm looking for (which... I don't even know what that is right now XD). I will be suuuuuper picky on that note, though. Again, PayPal is priority.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope these babs get good homes! >3<


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