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[BB] Dot for Nicky! :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 2 2 [CS] ST 25 (Society): Restless Spirits :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 1 [CS] ST 17: Trainer Eleanor :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 2 [CS] ST 20: Society Ara :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 4 [UT] NobleTale - Vespel Reepurr :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 1 0 [CS] ST 23: Friendship Power, Make Up! :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 10 2 [UT] I Love You Just The Way You Are :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 3 0 [UT] Boss Monster/Goatling Adopt OPEN [SET PRICE] :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 4 2
[RoyalTale] Chapter 1: The Ninth Royal Child
It hurt when Frisk fell from the top of Mt. Ebott.
She landed face-first on a flowerbed that seemed unusually soft and springy. Her entire body ached, as though she had belly-flopped face-first into frigid water. Groaning, she pushed herself up, then flopped back down as pain shot through her body. Something had to be broken, or at least cracked. Nonetheless, she could pick her head up to look around at the area. Aside from the golden flowers she laid on, the area was poorly lit. Her eyes gave her little information as to where she had landed. She had heard tales of the Underground beneath Mt. Ebott, where monsters supposedly had been sealed; while it was probably safe to conclude that she had landed there, she wouldn't be completely sure until she saw a monster in the flesh.
She could hear footsteps now, accompanied by faint humming to a tune she didn't recognize. Soon, the source of the sound appeared: a tall, white, goat-like monster, clad in a green and gold tunic, black pants, and
:iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 2 3
Genesic Sailor Megrez :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 5 2
[UT] Fluffy Valentine's Day
Frisk waited outside Asriel's bedroom door, a heart-shaped box held behind her back.
It was Valentine's Day, or as Chara kept calling it, "Commercially-Sponsored Sex Day." While Frisk was of the opinion that one should express love regardless of what day it was, it never hurt to take advantage of a special event. She was sure that Asriel would enjoy a seasonal gift or two; she knew that Chara had already bought a ridiculous amount of chocolate, telling everyone that it was all for a "special someone." Of course, anyone could tell that Chara's "special someone" was just himself, given his notorious love for chocolate.
Rocking on her heels, Frisk cautiously raised a hand to knock on the door, then thought better of it. Asriel would come out when he was ready. Sure enough, she could hear footsteps from inside the room, and soon he opened the door. "Hey, Frisk," he said, a shy smile on his face. Frisk couldn't help but smile back at him. Every time she saw him, she could feel a little flut
:iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 15 2
Kamitsune - Corrine :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 4 2 [RT] Liam, Prince of Bravery :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 2 0 [UT] Frielle :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 7 0 Wingbleat Set 2 [AUCTION] [OPEN] :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 2 6 [BB] Bamharr Profile: Maeve :iconsami-fire:Sami-Fire 6 1


RoyalTale: Frisk and Chara :iconsashavasileva:SashaVasileva 142 10 UT: 'Come on out, Grillby dear..' :iconloumun-versen:Loumun-Versen 43 24 Peachy Icon - Genesic Sailor Megrez [C] :icon82bee:82bee 6 2 Peachy Icon - Rhapsodic Sailor Megrez [C] :icon82bee:82bee 6 2 AaA Ara :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 29 2 UT - Sweets For Asriel (Commission) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 266 26
New Art Giveaway! AND THE WINNERS ARE...
Main Prize (Semi-Realism Portrait)

Special Prizes (Cameo Appearance in Victoria)
l-lappy SolarMiko iCheddar PrincessNerdo YoshineChan  jazz316  RoyalRaven99  Anchimaru 
We will contact all winners during this month! <3
Everyone can also participate in the
:icongalia-and-kitty:galia-and-kitty 61 89
Bright New Day :iconbluewarden17:BlueWarden17 71 17 I Love You Just the Way You Are (Commission) :iconspoonybard13:spoonybard13 10 0 halfbody pagedoll PATREON commission :iconcipple:Cipple 7 4 Belly Dancing Undyne :iconkendratheshinyeevee:KendraTheShinyEevee 36 9 |Prince Asriel :iconalexandrevla:Alexandrevla 172 19 [The Cauldron] Gentle Goatkin- Stage 1 :iconfuresiya:furesiya 17 5 Headshot Exchange - Corrine :iconnekochanthekitty:NekoChanTheKitty 11 4
100 Watchers Art Raffle!
I KNOW it has been some time I'm so sorry I've been so busy aaaaa
But I'm so happy! 100 is a lot of people, damn. Its really great seeing this many people enjoy my art ;w;
To celebrate this I'm holding an art raffle, yay! La la la la
To join you must:
Watch me (new watchers are welcome! Just don't unwatch me after the raffle ends, please orz)Have an account that is at least one month old (to avoid people cheating)
And favorite this journal!
That's just it! :D (Big Grin)
The winner will get a SFW flat colored drawing like these:
Only one character!
:iconecchisaurus:Ecchisaurus 10 10


That feel when suddenly, an old character DEMANDS a revamp right this second, when you have other things to do... =3=
ACEO #-001: Ohgodwhat by Sami-Fire Welp. That didn't work out. Even my brown marker freaking out would have been excusable if I didn't totally DIE on the eyes. TAT not enough cry emotes in the world...
Guess who's drawing their first ACEO today?! -dances-
[BB] Dot for Nicky!
*runs up, puffing and panting* HA! NOT LATE! Not... late...

Anyway! This is nickyflamingo 's beautiful Bamharr Dot, for her Closed Species Headshot Exchange! I've actually been eyeballing this babe for a while... I adore her concept and what Nicky did with her. Hope you like how she came out, Nicky!

Bamharrs are a closed species by LotusLumino !
Dot belongs to nickyflamingo .
Since my inking pens come from Japan, I won't even actually be able to play with my copics till next month. Bleh.


United States
Howdy! I'm just someone puttering around DA with sailor senshi, character designs, writing, and the occasional adoptable.

Right here is my current commissions journal!

Thanks for stopping by!
Pew pew pew, journal-palooza!

Anyway, SashaVasileva is holding two events: a contest to draw her characters and a corresponding raffle. The prizes for both are pretty good, so give it a shot.

Contest promotion RAFFLE [OPEN]Hey~
I am hosting my second draw my OCs contest!
To take part in raffle and win
winner may choose to have sketchpage with single character instead if they want ^^
1. Make journal promoting my contest
!!! Include link to BOTH contest journal and raffle!
2. Leave a link to it in comments
3. I'll give out numbers myself 
4. In a month - on 8th April - I'll pick winner using number randomizer~
Good luck~
Draw my OC Contest - 280 USD worth prizes! [OPEN]Hello~
I’ve been planning to do it for so long and FINALLY it is here!

Draw one or more of my OCs

All references and some basic information can be found here ->
You can draw ANY of characters found in folder


May 15, 2017
And the most exciting part:
I am not sure how many people would take part – so some of the prizes will be offered when there are enough entries 
1st place
Commission request of 150 USD value
Unlock at 50+ entries 50 USD to PayPal or equivalent in points
    2nd place
Commission request of 80 USD value!
Unlock at 50+ entries 30 USD to PayP


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